Decor Brothers, Inc. was founded by three brothers from Brooklyn, who spent many an evening working to perfect their childhood home. We were often described as the perfect trio to get into this business: one works aesthetic magic into any space he can get his hands on. The other, business oriented and responsible, to focus on finances. And the last, sociable like few others, to invest his affability into customer service and satisfaction. Now, all these years later, we use those same talents to help our customers craft their dream homes from the inside out with our beautiful collections of kitchens, bathrooms, doors, lighting, and much more.

We love clean, sleek, modern looks as much as we love traditional sophisticated glamour, and we seek to personalize every customer's shopping experience to help them create a look that will take their breath away for years to come.

Our beautiful catalogues allow us to help you transform your kitchen into the true heart of your home. With our unique range of products, we can make your kitchen be the place to embark on culinary adventures, create sacred memories, and pass-on cherished traditions. We know you work hard. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create our exquisite catalogue of hand-picked bathroom fixtures to help you turn your bathroom into a luxurious personal space. Add light to your life with our modern, bright lighting fixtures, or fall in love with one of our romantic, enchanting chandeliers. Create warmth in your home with a bewitching fireplace. Add allure to any room with a beautiful new door. Whether you are looking to change small details or reinvent your entire home, we want to be there for you. The options are endless.

Your house is your home and an expression of your values. It's a place to make memories, enjoy some of life's happiest moments, and kick back after a long day. Allow us into your home to help you create the most comfortable and beautiful space to enjoy those special moments.