Franke AIUS300 All-In Universal Sink Accessory System LV 3 (8pcs)



Franke AIUS300 All-In Universal Sink Accessory System LV 3



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AIUS300 8pcs

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Product info
Brand: Franke
Collection: AIU
Model: AIUS300

Product Description


Transforming your sink into a stylish and playful workstation, All-In is the flexible food preparation system designed to bring more flow to your kitchen and life. Well-equipped and intuitive, this modular accessory system has all you need to prepare meals with ease; saving you time and space and allowing you to shift seamlessly between different tasks.

AIUS300 Includes:

  • Telescopic Bridge - 7" x Extends to 24"
  • Bamboo Chopping Board - 8" x 13"
  • Large Colander 7" x 12"
  • Small Colander 7" x 7"
  • Prep Bowl 7" x 7"
  • Bamboo Bowl Lid 7" x 7"
  • Foldable Silicone Mat 14" x 16"
  • Storage Container 11" x 21"

* Fits sinks up to 21 1/4" inches.


Using the bamboo board, telescopic bridge, strainer and collector bowls, All-In can help you: - Chop vegetables and other ingredients - Collect the cut food - Collect peelings and deal with waste - Store prepped ingredients in the fridge


The bridge, strainer bowls and foldable pad are really useful at the cooking stage and you can: - Rest pots and pans on the bridge while filling them from the tap - Use the strainer to drain pasta, or other ingredients - Stand hot pans and dishes on the foldable pad to protect work surfaces


When it’s time to wash up, the bridge, strainer bowls and foldable pad can also help you to: - Drain glasses and dishes - Drain cutlery and cooking utensils


Once the washing up is finished, All-In can still help you to tidy everything away, whether it’s to: - Store cleaning items in the sink - Keep all accessories together in the storage box - Put everything away neatly in your kitchen cabinets

About the Manufacturer:


For those who are truly inspired by cuisine, the kitchen is the center of your home. And the center of the kitchen is where you work, share and entertain. Today’s kitchen is a hub - a gathering place in your home and a venue for memorable moments.  Franke brings open-concept and multi-functional integrated systems that help bring style, convenience and craft into your kitchen. We want you to experience the pleasures that cooking, eating and entertaining in a kitchen fitted with Franke products can bring. And that’s what inspires us to Make it Wonderful.